The Al-Arqam mission is to have an educational institution that teaches and nurtures the "whole" child - intellectually, emotionally and physically, and to instill in each student the principles of submission to the Will of Allah as an essential element in achieving excellence academically and personally.


Parent-Student Handbook


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AIS/ACP Principal:
Dr. Lula Abusalih

Vice Principal:
Mrs. Norashikin Duso

Al-Arqam Islamic School
6990 65th Street
Sacramento, CA 95823
Phone: 916 391 3333
Fax: 916 391 3334

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2017-2018 Calendar
Minimum Days
11/8, 12/6, 1/10, 2/14, 3/14, 4/11


Girls Scout Sock Drive


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KG Pancake Sale


Chuck-E-Cheese Fundraiser


Finals Week


Winter Break


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Kindergarten Pancake Sale will take place on Wednesday, December 13, 2017, at Lunch! A pre-order form was sent home with your child, which will need to be turned in to their homeroom teacher, Insha'Allah.
Small: $3.00- 2 pancakes with syrup, whipped cream, and your choice of healthy toppings (Strawberries, bananas) Large; $4.00- 3 pancakes with syrup, whipped cream, and your choice of healthy toppings (Strawberries, bananas) Same day orders will be charged an additional $1.00

MAD SCIENCE is starting its Winter Session: Sensational Science on December 19, 2017. Join us and we'll prove to you that science truly is all around us! Using Newton's color wheel, you'll actually build white light like apuzzle from its component parts! You'll learn how to make your favorite soft drink and even pick up a few magic tricks to fool your friends - all while learning about the science that makes them possible! With a little practice you'll begin to see the science in EVERYTHING! Early bird price of $79 is due by 12/12/17. This program lasts for 5 weeks.