Tarbiya is a character building program at Al-Arqam where students live Islam as a way of life. This has been included as part of the school's expectations and are listed as Al-Arqam's Student Learning Goals.

Every morning, students start their day with a morning assembly aimed at reciting supplications and verses of the Qur'an. The Tarbiya Coordinator additionally offers a reflection that is focused on a monthly theme (ie. cleanliness, modesty, identity, prayer).

Tarbiya is a collaborative effort that unites the school and parents. Tarbiya is an Arabic word that refers to character building.

Tarbiya Themes of the year 2017-18

August-September: Cleanliness

October-November: Respect/Antibullying

Deember January: Responsibility

January-February: Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil

March-April: Modesty

April-May: Selflessness

Activities include: adthan contest, Qur'an recitation competitions